I work with clients

I work with people that want to grow and change their lives. Most of my clients has started on their personal development journey already which can be everything from yoga to seeing a psychologist or being inspired by podcasts/YouTube/books to alter and develop their life’s, but sometimes I’m the first step on the ladder and that is ok too. 

A lot of personal development is just as the name say “personal”. I have not been to every type of personal development training, but what I have experienced and heard of it is about yourself and your reactions/experiences to the outside world. It rarely takes the step into relating with others in a way that shows you how they relate to you.

Just as Copernicus said that the earth wasn’t the centre of the universe, I’m going to say in the nicest way I can that neither are you. By starting to see the intricacy in relating and understanding that yes you are influencing the world and the world is influencing you, but there are more layers to it. Every person has a past with their own life experience, traumas and automatic responses that  as well you will be able to start having deep and connected relationships instead of living in a world of your own and guessing why life is happening the way it is.

Online Coaching

It’s incredible how we are able to connect online these days. I remember when I was little, and my mom was traveling to other countries for work. When we talked on the phone, there was this delay, so you had to say something and then wait for the signal to reach her and then wait for her to reply. Today we can be on the other side of the world with perfect video transfer and no delay other than the time difference. It is quite remarkable!

Doing this work online is also amazing! You can do so much of this work – even the body-based parts, online over Zoom. I have been working with people from the US, Mexico, Singapore, Thailand, and the Middle East all the way from Sydney, Australia. And, even if there have been times I would have liked to be there and hold my clients in person, it empowers them to be supported in holding and taking care of themselves.

When working online we work on inner belief systems, attachment and connection, shame, desires, self love, and use tools such as visualizations, breathwork, and movement to help you feel safe in your body and feel into what you need.

Sessions in person

If you happen to be in Sydney, Australia, or in the places I travel to when I’m out in the world, we can have sessions in person. By Subscribing to my newsletter you will get updates on where I travel to offer in-person sessions and my workshops. 

Having in-person sessions has a different quality compared to online. I am able to physically guide you and we can have a less verbal interaction depending on your needs and desires. I may also incorporate some of my bodywork techniques to help you through what you might be feeling or processing as this work is sometimes fun and full of laughter, sometimes full of tears, and everything in-between. Everything is welcome.

Depending on your previous life experiences, you may feel safer to be in-person, where you can be physically held through the process. Others feel safer to do sessions online where you are in your own home or where you choose to be to create a sense of safety. It’s different flavours of interacting.

What to do next..

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