The next level of personal development

i. Who takes your personal development skills and translates them into your relationship with others, helping you deepen conscious relating and dive into intimacy! 

ii. Most personal development work that focuses on you as an individual teaches you some great tools on things like stress-reduction, emotional awareness and self regulation when trauma arises.

iii. The challenge begins when you start relating to someone else. The deeper the love and attachment, the harder it is to implement these tools and the more anxiety and frustration may arise. This is why relationships are a great opportunity to deepen your work. Seeing what triggers you in your relationship can be a guiding light for new places to explore and grow. 

This is where I can help!

"Connection is why we are here: it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives"
Brene Brown

My Story

As a young person, I always thought I wanted to be an Engineer. When I was 19, I took a break from that intention to study massage therapy as I always found the human body fascinating. Learning massage helped me become more embodied, however, I found the short, superficial sessions day after day started to drain me. I got discouraged and went back to the safe road of engineering.

10 years later, my body had enough of me ignoring it in the world of engineering. I had been clinging to my work in an unhealthy way, lacking even the concept of boundaries and it finally made me crash into a proper burn-out.

I sometimes think of these years of my life as being asleep. I walked around the world like a zombie – for me to be able to feel anything, it needed to be extremely intense like 14hr dance marathons or hard friction sex.

My Accomplishments

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