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Is the love still flowing but every time you lean into sexual desire the fear of rejection, the unresolved argument or risk of disappointment arises, so it’s just easier to avoid it all together.

Maybe it even feels like you are living in two different relationships, where one seems absolutely content but you are going crazy and every time you express it, you are met with confusion. Please let me be the translator!

Body betrayal, is your body not doing what you want it to do? You want to have sex, but the erection isn’t coming, the vagina isn’t opening up and it’s just painful. Arousal….

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Mindfulness practices like breath work, meditation, visualisation and embodiment practices. 

Connection and relating, both with yourself and with others, either if you come as a couple than with each other or if you come by yourself then you will practice with me as a partner. These could be things like eye gazing, exploring qualities like touch, boundary setting and asking for consent.

Sexuality will be about figuring out your turn-ons, core desires, what is on your sexual menu, practicing asking for what you want and also working through the potential grief of disappointment when your needs are unable to be met or accepted by your partner, or the world.

Hello, I'm Ami!

I’m Ami and I’m passionate about helping couples to get their needs met, to bring desire and spark back into their relationship!

To go from pain to pleasure in both the bedroom and the day to day… Relationships are complex, and there is no shame in having relational problems. If you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level though, let’s resolve them.

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